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Vehicle Analysis (Traffic) and Forensic Car Traffic Accident Services RTA

Forensic Resources provides a Forensic Vehicle Analysis and Road Traffic Accident Investigation Service (RTA) for a wide range of clients across the UK. Our industry leading forensic analysis team have experience in analysing all forms of vehicle accidents and can provide expert witness services for any car accident or forensic vehicle investigation

Traffic investigations are also conducted to ascertain whether a certain car would be mechanically able to produce the speeds that traffic reports have stated. Our examiners also work on road traffic collisions where skid marks can be assessed for speed and braking distances of vehicles involved. Laser analysis and calibration tests of speeding equipment are often dealt with by Forensic Resources Ltd.

Forensic Resources are licensed to provide the following road traffic accident and forensic car accident investigation services:

  • Forensic road accident investigation
  • Forensic road traffic accident analysis services
  • Vehicle accident investigation service
  • Forensic car accident investigation service
  • Road accident expert witness services
  • Vehicle expert witness services
  • Traffic Accident Reconstruction Services

Please also see blood alcohol testing.

Do you require more detailed information on Forensic Car Accident Services?

If you require further information on forensic car accident, forensic road traffic accident or expert witness investigation services please contact one of our case managers on 02920 647 043 or email us through the enquiry form below.

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