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Forensic Resources Expert Witness Services

Forensic Resources Ltd (FRLis a forensic science consultancy firm that offers expert witness services to legal teams throughout the UK. The team has extensive experience in the expert witness industry and has worked with an array of scientists and solicitors over the years. A tried and tested method of management has proved to be an essential and highly sought after service to solicitors. Our ability to offer forensic analysis and expert witness services for such a wide range of services has been the driving force for the companies substantial growth and reputation with the forensic services industry.

What is an Expert Witness?

An expert witness or sometimes referred to as a professional witness is regarded as a qualified experts, who by virtue of education, training, skill or experience can provide accurate and specialised knowledge in a particular subject. In the legal system expert witnesses are often used to provide expert opinions on circumstances, evidence, facts or experiences to assist in legal cases and investigations. It is common practise that expert witnesses will provide evidence in court about facts from their domain of expertise.

Expert witnesses may also deliver expert evidence about facts from the domain of their expertise. At times, their testimony may be rebutted with a learned treatise, sometimes to the detriment of their reputations.

Why use Forensic Resources for your Expert Witness Reports?

Forensic Resources allocates one forensic scientist case manager per case so that the attention to detail is paramount and a single point of contact provides continuity throughout the duration of the working relationship.

Every witness report is personally appraised by the case manager to ensure all of the required criteria have been met and the standard of excellence we have achieved remains so.

FRL delivers a professional service, and manages the casework to ensure that the experts' opinions are delivered against the stringent requirements of a legal team's requests. We pride ourselves in providing a fast and efficient service to our clients. Our turnaround times are quick and our level of communication is high, to ensure that a prompt and efficient service is maintained.

Given that the majority of our work comes from defence solicitors our general case flow is mostly focused on Blood Alcohol Contentcalculations (Back Calculations), DNA profiling, Handwriting analysis and Toxicology, however, we do undertake work in many other disciplines. For a full list of our resources please see our "forensic Services" page and ‘Our Clients' page.

Where does Forensic Resources Provide Expert Witness Services?

Providing expert witness services to defence solicitors across the UK, we have recently provided expert witness services to solicitors based in Cardiff, Wales, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Newcastle and Glasgow.

What Expert Witness Services do we offer?

Working with the country's leading forensic scientists, Forensic Resources can offer the following Expert Witness Services to clients across the UK:  

Need to know more information about Forensic Resources Expert Witness Services?

Forensic resources are listed on many expert witness directory websites and we are happy to offer a complete expert witness service at a competitive rate. If you would like to know more information on any of our expert witness services please contact our senior case manager on 02920 647 043 or email us through the enquiry form below.

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