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Forensic Analysis for the Social Services and Health Industry

Working with public and private sector authorities across the UK, Forensic Resources provide a wide range of forensic analysis services to aid criminal investigations and provide expert witness statements in court for assault, theft and injury cases. Forensic Resources provide forensic analysis services to the following market sectors:

Social Services Industry

To support the social services industry, Forensic Resources provides a range of forensic analysis services to analyse parents, care workers and patients for investigations and disputes.

In reference to child protection, social workers are responsible for assuring a child is under the appropriate care from both parents and guardians. Forensic Resources can provide a range of alcohol testing and drug testing services to assure parents and guardians are capable of looking after a child and are not affected by recreational drug abuse. Often during custody battles between parents over a child, parents or social workers may require paternity testing to determine who is the father of a child to help resolve disputes.

When a child or care worker has been injured through a suspected assault, Forensic Resources can provide an injury analysis service to determine whether the assault is genuine or self inflicted and use techniques such as bite mark analysis, injury analysis and tool mark analysis to determine what had happened and who was responsible.

Following the high profile death of ‘Baby P' in 2009, Forensic Resources offer an Injury Analysis service to aid criminal investigations into child abuse and neglect. Our service to social workers can be vital in preventing incidents such as the death of ‘Baby P' happening again in the future through identifying child abuse incidents before they escalate into murder or manslaughter investigations.

Healthcare Services Industry

With a reported high level of physical abuse to care workers and incidents of patient neglect being highlighted in the media over the last year within the social services industry, Forensic Resources works with defence solicitors across the UK to help provide expert witness statements for criminal investigations within the social services industry. Whether it's providing injury analysis or bite mark analysis for assault investigations from a patient on a care worker or analysing an injury to a patient in care which is believed to have been caused through negligence while at work - Forensic Resources can help.

Forensic resources can offer the following services to the social services industry

  • Injury Analysis
  • Bitemark analysis
  • Alcohol and drug testing services

Alcoholic Rehabilitation Services

Forensic Resources offers an alcohol testing service for alcoholic rehabilitation programmes to help monitor the progress of participants on a rehabilitation program and assure they are not participating in the consumption of alcohol outside of their sessions. The service requires alcoholic rehabilitation centers to send samples on a regular or one off basis to be tested by our qualified alcohol analysis teams. The common samples provided are urine samples although we also provide blood alcohol testing and hair alcohol testing services if required.

Results from the tests are then provided to alcoholic rehabilitation programmes through a professional expert witness report which can be used in whatever means necessary.

Sexual Health Clinics

Forensic Resources provides paternity DNA testing services for sexual health clinics across the country. Our professional service has a quick response time and has helped resolve parenting issues as well as aid criminal investigations for sexual assaults.

If you require further information on paternity testing please visit the paternity testing and dna testing pages on the website.

Need further information on Forensic Analysis Services?

If you require further information about any forensic analysis service provided to the health and social care industry please contact Forensic Resources on 02920 647 043


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